back to work handbag

2020 Back to work handbag : the vinyl model

The month of September is fast approaching and we often want something new for the start of the fall. OGGI offers you a 2020 back to work handbag model that will perfectly make the transition between vacation and the office !

2020 back to work handbag

For the start of the fall, our team invites you to discover one of our flagship models of the season : an ultra compact and versatile purse-style handbag !

This handbag is handmade in our Parisian workshops by our exceptional craftsmen. Materials are 100% France. This model is crafted from a beautiful vinyl (on the outside), which makes it really nomad.

The specificity of this range is precisely that it fits everywhere. The materials used are provided for this purpose and this handbag can just as easily fit into a holiday suitcase as into another handbag when we need a larger bag for, for example, our work files, etc.

This model is very versatile because you can take it on a professional, personal or leisure basis. It can be worn both during the day and in the evening. These large handles are very comfortable for carrying on the shoulder, arm or hand.

Its rounded shape allows it to bring a unique look to your figure and make it one of the central elements of your outfit.

This model is available in several colors and prints. Today, we invite you to discover two very different looks :

Urban vinyl bag

For a very urban underground look, we present the military version. This bag is presented with a matte and shiny khaki and neon yellow vinyl with a camouflage interior. The result is very vibrant and modern for a very urban city look.

Nude vinyl bag

For a softer version, we are sharing this model to you in shades of nudes. This bag is presented with a matte and shiny nude vinyl with a leopard print interior. The result is very chic and elegant for a daytime or evening look.