All fire, all flame

All fire all flame…That could inspire us the summer and its days so hot and luminous! At OGGI, we glide on the pretty summer flames that settle with a selection of jewelry to sparkle your summer!

All fire all flame: flamboyant jewelry

The red, yang color, strong and active, animates us at this time of the year. We wanted to put this color in the spotlight for its energy “all fire all flame”. It is energizing, optimistic, in short, it embodies a joy of living.

To wake Sarah’s outfit, we have a combination of red jewels. Long necklaces are superimposed to bring movement and texture to the look. They combine red pearls of briard, turquoise and small pearls crystal blue night.

We added a pair of earrings in red enamel and small turquoise. The turquoise comes to recall the details of the necklace and makes the junction with the up and down of the silhouette.

Finally, we superimposed bracelets. These last blends coral beads and red glass beads.