Amethysts and turquoises necklace

Amethysts and turquoises necklace

The summer days are coming and we want to show you this amethysts and turquoises necklace that I call mermaid necklace.

Amethysts and turquoises necklace: rough stones

This jewel is a “plastron” statement necklace turquoises and amethysts with mini lacquered molds. The turquoise blue and purple blends perfectly with the natural shape of the stones.

The plastron necklace is worn on a jean blue lyocell dress that illuminates the outfit and give it a very chic side. The necklace structure also brings a lot of volume with this interlocking game that brings an organized “clutter” to the look – the disruptive element as we like to call it at OGGI.

An aquatic jewelry

To complete the look and the very aquatic theme of this necklace amethysts and turquoises, we combined a pair of earrings made of mother of pearl of Indonesia and pink glass pearl. Delicate and elegant, they add a touch of magic to the set with their incredible reflection!

Finally, a glass and turquoise alto ring finishes the hand. This jewel will recall the structure of the necklace with turquoises that retain their “almost” raw form. The originality of this ring lies in its transparent structure that brings a touch very playful and modern!