aquamarine necklace

Aquamarine necklace : elegant jewelry

An aquamarine necklace is a piece that we should have all in our jewelry collection. We create this kind of pieces all year long at OGGI and we wanted to introduce you this little last one that we realized before our departure on holidays !

Aquamarine necklace : our model

This long aquamarine necklace is a model in chiseled silver and the aquamarine are cut in the shape of spheres. This necklace is very luminous, light to wear and brings a lot of elegance to an outfit. For example, on a t-shirt as simple as the one worn on the photo, it dresses, gives chic and throws the silhouette.

We like its originality, the stones shaped in sphere bring out the so special color of the aquamarines. The ones that make up this necklace have an incredible sky blue hue. It inspires us the color of the sea and the sky, this necklace breathes the holidays.

Aquamarine necklace : with which earrings?

The earrings we have associated with this necklace is a delicate creation in turquoise and moonstones. With turquoise, we create a vibrating whole and full of energies. The moonstone comes to soften the whole.