art deco bracelet

Art Deco bracelet : accessorize your outfits like Gatsby

The Art Deco bracelet is making a comeback : bangles, soft bracelets or cuffs, you can (re)discover the beauty of this aesthetic. Indeed, women in the 1920s had a special taste for unique pieces, beautifully crafted objects and precious materials.

Art Deco bracelet : the cuff

To honor the style of the 1920s, OGGI put its know-how to work to create a bracelet in the form of a cuff.

Like statement necklaces, cuffs are part of a new generation of jewelry with graphic lines and volumes disproportionate, inspired by a resolutely modern tribal and ethnic universe. Generally, they are sufficient on their own and give without too much effort the attitude to a minimalist outfit.

They have been seen on many fashion shows for a few years and offer a mix of unique styles. Indeed, combining the Art Deco style with a cuff bracelet is bold and promises an original style to play even more with the accessories.

This Art Deco bracelet is plated in white silver metal. The bracelet is a relatively soft cuff on which a square of lightly sanded white silver is decorated with pieces of frosted glasses. These frosted glass pastes combine three colors : green, purple and translucent white. The colors present on the bracelet offer a very spring and trendy look. In addition, the transparency of the glass contrasts with the more massive metal.

This type of accessory is perfect for the summer season because it can easily dress a more sober outfit or bring a sophisticated touch to a party look.

This jewel is handmade in our Parisian workshops by our craftsmen with exceptional know-how. It is fully customizable on request (the size of the bracelet and the colors of the glass paste).