Back to work look by OGGI

The bell of the “back to” school/work is riging and we find you again with new pieces to welcome with festivity that time of the year!

Like a delicate flower that opens, the end of August signs a time that ends – holidays, relaxation and we are turning to a new cycle. And what better flower than the orchid to celebrate the end of summer?

At OGGI, we love orchids. These are delicate flowers, of great elegance and we wanted to share their beauty with our customers. We then created this golden necklace, tie style, where an orchid comes to unite the two ends. The chain consists of glass paste beads and two crystals at each tip. The orchid will end up around the solar plexus.

This necklace will accesorize all dresses or blouses with a V neckline. It brings fluidity and texture to your outfit.

Bright, beautiful and sensual, we share with the OGGI woman all these beautiful energies that the orchid symbolizes!