The stone of June… Pearls Do you know all the symbols and meanings related to the stones? Do you know what to get and when? OGGI shares its secrets every month, passion and expertise to enhance your personality…   The first appeared in Antiquity, they were called Aphrodite’s tears. Roman families were buying one or two […]

Happy Mothers Day

We will soon celebrate the most beautiful women of your life… Your mothers ! For the occasion OGGI decided to spoil them by making you a discount on many articles you will discover below. The beads are in the spotlight ; a leather pouch so chic , or sea anemone to wear pendant or brooch […]


Emerald, stone of May   Do you know all the symbols and meanings related to the stones? Do you know what to get and when? OGGI makes you share every month, passion and expertise to enhance your personality …   The emerald is firstly the symbol of happiness and purity. Its Latin name smaragdus means […]


DIAMOND - Diamonds are traditionaly related to love, and both of them last forever thanks to the eternal strength of the diamond. - The name of the diamond comes from the Greek "adamas", which means invicible. - Traditionaly, the diamond is given for the 10th and the 60th wedding anniversary. - The diamond is the [...]



– Symbol of good will, brings wisdom, intuition, wealth, youth and purity, strengthens foresight, helps to overcome barriers, protects from ennemies, stablish your personality.

– The lucky stone of sea people and travellers. The one who brings it will stay young forever, it also makes faithfulness easier and the happiness stronger in love and the marriage.

– As a pendant and in a direct contact with the skin, you can really feel its benefits. Never hesitate to hold this stone for a couple of minutes between your fingers and by focusing yourself on its powers, you will feel more relaxed. It cures epilepsy and nephritis.

– Holding an aquamarine is a remedy against the throat, which is reflected by frequent cough. It’s useful against allergies and persistent hay fever.

– For the sinusitis, the inflammation of the mucous membranes, the problems of the thyroid, the jaws, to calm toothaches, a small piece of polished aquamarine inside the mouth can significantly reduce the pain. Putting it on the eyelids is very good and for the eyes.

– If you have some skin allergies, put an aquamarine in a glass with some water. Cover and let it soak for a night ; you will wash with this water, several times a day, the infected parts, but without rubbing.

– The zodiac stone for the Pisces 19th february – 20th march : Amethyst, Quartz and for the Aries 21st march – 20th april : Red jasper, Red cornelian



– Esoteric properties :

  • induces peace, tranquility and tolerance, appease anxiety
  • reduces pains, brings its help for nerves, lungs, bowels diseases, and enhance the quality of skin and hairs
  • very effective agains rhinitis, sinus infections, headaches located on the temples, and breathing diseases of the nasal region

– Fights agains insomnia and improves audition and vision.

The zodiac stone for the Aquarius 21st january – 18th february : Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Opal

– The zodiac stone for the Pisces 19th february – 20th march : Amethyst, Quartz 


– Ladies, never miss the opportunity to walk down the street. The nose up in the air, the awaken curiosity. Follow the least frequented paths and you will find out different places, small and hidden shops, precious, which give another idea of the city, the fashion.
– These shops will show you their secrets by thousands of beautiful details when the sun hangs a little bit gold in their showcases.
– This is also why my newsletter, just as women, tries to see what’s the most beautiful, the most stunning in the urban agitation, so creative, with the conviction that these beautiful things are intelligent like a declaration of love to the life…
– With a little bit, much love in the eyes, the fashion, the jewels, the accessories so cheery, so fresh, full of fantasy and promises, jubilations, fulfilling, would dare we say !
– Our commitment toward you, ladies, is more and more deep and fine, « beauty » products with a renewd magic.
– These accessories which entertain everything, embellish us so that our senses will bring our spirit in a beautiful dance.
– Such images are deeply written inside us and slowly shine on our day.



– Esoteric properties :

  • energy, courage, perseverance
  • known for its beneficial effect on loves
  • also stimulates the imagination
  • helps to solve problems of circulatory failure
  • should be brought on fingers and the neck as much as possible

– The zodiac stone for the Capricorn of 22nd december – 20th january : Ruby, Onyx, Coral, and for the Aquarius 21st January – 18th February : Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Opal.


– At restaurant  as well as at home, to dress well for the long-awaited day, in a simple or sophisticated way, guarantee you happiness and an enchanted evening.
– When guests show the best of themselves around a table in a festive and happy atmosphere, you should know, ladies, that jewels and accessories are what crystal glasses, silver cutlery, linen starched tablecloth, are for a well set table.
– A woman with nice accessories sets the tone in a party, a tone above, the tone above !
– The spirit of light, the art of combine every pleasure, a place where we are going to discuss, to seduce, to philosophize, and where jewels and accessories are the king of the party.
– Long live the party, long live Christmas !
– For the end-of-year celebration, the precious moment resonates, like an unique invitation to share with family. From the tradition to the emotion of Christmas, symbolizing the idea of the perfect happiness once again, everywher in the street, in the town, in the whole world, all of our fullfilled desire, tomorrow the « Merry Christmas » will  resound.
– Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you !