– At restaurant  as well as at home, to dress well for the long-awaited day, in a simple or sophisticated way, guarantee you happiness and an enchanted evening.
– When guests show the best of themselves around a table in a festive and happy atmosphere, you should know, ladies, that jewels and accessories are what crystal glasses, silver cutlery, linen starched tablecloth, are for a well set table.
– A woman with nice accessories sets the tone in a party, a tone above, the tone above !
– The spirit of light, the art of combine every pleasure, a place where we are going to discuss, to seduce, to philosophize, and where jewels and accessories are the king of the party.
– Long live the party, long live Christmas !
– For the end-of-year celebration, the precious moment resonates, like an unique invitation to share with family. From the tradition to the emotion of Christmas, symbolizing the idea of the perfect happiness once again, everywher in the street, in the town, in the whole world, all of our fullfilled desire, tomorrow the « Merry Christmas » will  resound.
– Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you !





For your Christmas and New Year’s night, to make things easier for you, Murielle have designed some beautiful jewels & accessories for you.
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– On the eve of Christmas, when the presents are all there, it’s interesting to analize the energetic  and spiritual extent of necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings.
– Of course, the shape of the jewel has its importance, on the personal and esthetic side, but there is also the location of the stone if there is one for its therapeutic and energetic virtues. The material of the frame just has to be a good energy conductor, such as silver, copper, gold and bronze. And we have to wear jewels on the energy meridians. Here are some practical ways to wear them :
– Bracelets diffuse their energies on the whole arm. They are great for people who exercise manual efforts. They boost the strength and the ability, and are excellent personnal expression vectors.
– Rings act directly on the energy paths located on fingertips and also strengthen the touch sensivity. They have some particularities on the different fingers : on the index finger, they reflect the wisdom, the temperance, the temperature ; on the middle finger, the vitality, the strength, the force, the power ; on the ring finger, the vitality, the dynamism, the joy ; on the little finger, the sensivity, the intuition (my liitle finger told me). The properties of the rings on the fingers can be cumulated by wearing a ring on each finger, but you have to know that the left hand is the heart hand, and the right hand is the action one.
– Necklaces :
The crew-neck necklace is in direct contact with the throat chakra which is good for the personnal expression and the communication with others. In contact with the cervical vertebra, it gives the sens of balance.
The pendant and the chain are in contact with the heart chackra. Depending on the stones on the chain, we will work on emotions. For the pendant, it corresponds to the solar plexus area, it will act on the vitality, the willingness, the action, the power and the self-control. If you think you’re going to have a busy and heavy day (of energy), think about wearing a chain.
– Earrings are important because they pinch the ear lobe where the acupuncture point which act directly on the 3rd eye in the top of the forehead is They act on the psychic power, the intuuition, the foresight, they balance the 2 parts of the brain.
For example : if you have headache, try this experience. Find the pain (left of right side of the brain), and wear only one earring on the side in question when you’re at your home. It works !
– Conclusion : choose well your jewels relating to the sensation they will provide you. I want you to know that I’m at your service for real advices. Don’t wear jewels which belonged to someone else, as they are full of the energy of the former owner, that could be positive or negative, or come and see me, I will demagnetize these jewels before you wear them. I wish you  a resplendent beauty enlighten with thousands of energies.



– The modern woman should need this stone as a friendship stone. It could help her to intuitively feel the difference between what is good and what is bad for her.

– The Turquoise would protect against accidents and other dangers. Its high content of copper confers it some greats curative powers.

– The Turquoise brings good fortune, good luck and a hapy life.

– The zodiac stone the Sagittarius of 23rd november – 21st december : Blue Quartz, Chalcedony and for the Capricorn of 22nd december – 20th january : Onyx, Quartz, Cat’s eye gem.



– It is the stone of the sun. The citrine is one of theses stones who never need to be cleaned because it absorbs and dissipates all of the negative energy. It can be used to reload the other stones energy. On its contact, the other stones regenerate themselves automatically.

– The Citrine increases self-confidence, if you put it under your pillow, it will guide you in your dreams to reach deep desires. It also increases concentration, revitalizes the mind and encourages to happiness. It minimizes the deepest fears and balances the emotions.

– The Citrine brings light and joy. In the nature, this stone diffuses a positive and strengthening energy. It protects from negative influences by others. It represents wisdom and peace.

– The zodiac stone for the Scorpio of 23rd october – 22nd november : Red Carnelian, Sardius. and for the Sagittarius of 23rd november – 21st december : Blue Quartz, Chalcedony.



– The Opal (or Noble Opal) symbolizes purity, peace, sympathy and courtesy. It accentuates memory, internal strenght, brings hope, joy, and fights against apathy. The Fire Opal attracts money. The Black Opal incites us to meditate and to pray.

– The Opal has a positive influence on friendship and relationship. It brings faithfulness, love and beauty. The Fire Opal attracts love.

– Opals bring hope, innocence vertue and purity. They stimulate healing and friendship, and increase good emotions for health.

– The most obvious property of this stone seems to be the spirit appeasement.

– The zodiac stone for the Libra of 23rd september – 22nd october : Orange citrine, Quartz and for the Scorpion of 23rd october – 22nd november : Red Carnelian, Sardius.


The harmony of creation, the research of contrasted textures in jewellery, the nature is sublimated by the art of research.
The way of creation are various. Every day, they meet the way of happiness, of a new idea, that’s why we, my team and myself, want to make this new month under the sign of the creativity in all its splendour.
From the Sardaigne, a beautiful place, I brought back colors, landscapes which inspired me, dreams which let me memories of good times.
With my testimony, the essential creation of our invitation to travel shapes my way of thinking with different influences which inspire and color my creations now.
You just have to make an appointment and to tell me « this jewel » that you want for a moment, a meeting, a unique moment.
Then, I start working, drawing upon the huge library of my memories some patterns, materials, in order to deliver an inimitable stuff.



This beautiful bright stone is very popular for the happiness and the joy that it strongly spreads around.

When it’s pink nuanced, it powerfully acts on the heart. It’s a stone of great and full love passion.

The imperial topaz has much of tonus. It strenghthens the body and creates good physical conditions which stimulates the soul.

The zodiac stone for the Virgo of 23rd august – 22nd september : Yellow agate, Yellow citrine and for the Libra of 23rd september – 22nd october : Orange citrine, Smoky quartz.



The agate is a stone of anchoring and luck. Its properties are to bring emotional, physical and intellectual stability by removing anything which can disturb your energy inside your body, and by stabilising your own physical energy.

One another property is to harmonise the yin and the yang. The agate is a comforting and calming stone, and acts softly. It calms inexplicable anxiety.

In psychological terms, the agate helps you to accept and trust in yourself. It brings courage to face difficult situations. The green agate is the symbol of harmony, sympathy and natural wealth.

Le zodiac stone for the Lion 21st july – 22nd august : Yellow quartz, Rock cristal, and for the Virgo from 23rd august – 22nd september : Yellow agate, Yellow citrine.



The Ruby represents enthusiasm, the joy of living, the gaiety, the freedom, the vital force, heat and energy. It brings love, ardor, health, a taste for action.

It attracts luck, sympathy, encourages peace and friendship. Excellent stone of protection, it brings courage and bravery, and helps repulse enemies and negative influences.

The transparent ruby, precious stone, stimulates the mind. It is beneficial to those who are in love. It stimulates the strength of love, helps for a rich and ardent love life by exalting passion. It can revive the flame of a dying love and reconcile during quarrels.

This stone should be given during the month of July, so that it helps to forget love sorrows and to create friendships.

The zodiac stone for the Cance 21st june – 20th july : Green aventurine, Chrysoprase and for the Lion 21st july – 22nd august : Yellow quarts, Rock crystal.