The butterfly hat, the natural beauty according to OGGI

It has been said that when a butterfly flaps its wings in Honolulu, it can lead to a typhoon in California.

This is the proof that this little multicolored insect has an important place in our imagination. In Greek mythology, the butterfly is the symbol of immortality. In China, it symbolised the eternal love and the happiness. In Japan, it is the emblem of the women for its grace and lightness. In Vietnam, it’s associated with a long life and beauty.

In France, butterflies are the symbol of rebirth, because they get awake during the spring, at the same time as asleep nature took back her rights. Temperatures get soften, trees are budding, animals reappear, migratory birds are back and flowers are blooming.

It’s a feeling of rebirth, renewal, regeneration for the Nature.

And in communion with our mind and our heart.

Indeed, the butterfly is the only insect we don’t chase away with a backhand when it approach us, on the contrary, it gets our attention. We follow it with our eyes, we observe how it flies and we smile. And it’s the same for everyone, kids or adults, girls or boys !

The beautiful insect which inspired the design of this hat is a Polyommatus Icarus, commonly called the common azure or the blue Argus. It’s very easy to see its evolution from April to October in gardens and flowering meadows, and it is particularly fond of three of four leaf clover.

Murielle highlights it by designing a nice hat with only vegetable materials.

On a plate made of banana leaves, Murielle affixed fine silk butterflies whose antennas are made of silky feather. This textile fiber is from the cocoon of the silkworm which will transform … into a butterfly.

This unique and romantic hat will seduce with its natural beauty.

« Happiness is like a butterfly : it flies and never look back »

 By Robert Lalonde, extracted from « la belle épouvante »


Ode to sea

Murielle choosed aquamarine as emblem for this summer period. This ode to the sea is symbolised by this fine stone which name is from the latin aqua marina, « sea water ». This material is one of the rare stones which can offers such a wide cerulean range, it proposes an infinite type of blue.

Collection Father’s Day


« Fathers must always give to be happy. Always giving, that’s what makes one father. »
For your Father’s day gifts, in order to simplify your search, Murielle can give you some advice
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