Lace jewelry : delicacy and refinement

We present you a piece that we nicknamed “lace jewelry“. Indeed, their design and structure are conceived and conceptualized in our workshops with the greatest precision. Lace jewelry : our earrings Why propose a model with a lace design ? Elegance, refinement and lightness are what define these pieces. The lace can be declined in […]

Graphic silver ring : a summer must have

For this summer, we invite you to discover our graphic silver ring. This is a new model that we have launched to accessorize your hands with elegance ! graphic silver ring : our model This model is therefore a cylindrical silver ring. As you can see in the picture : the silver is massive and […]

How to accessorize summer outfits ?

How to accessorize summer outfits ? A question that comes regularly in the heart of our shop – especially with the beautiful days that finally point the tip of their nose ! We will share some tips to assist you in your choice. Why accessorize summer outfits ? At OGGI, we have many ways to […]

Twenty thousand leagues under the sea for 2019’s summer

For the summer of 2019, we invite you to Twenty thousand leagues under the sea with more aquatic jewels than the others. Blue is found in many pieces, as well as all the underwater bestiary : fish, seaweed, etc. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea for the 2019’s summer Soft, undulating shapes, coral-like textures, stones […]

Mother’s Day Jewelry : the ultimate gift ideas

OGGI loves to celebrate every moment of life and women so we have prepared a selection of Mother’s Day jewelry selection. Mother’s Day Jewelry : A Gift Forever Offering a jewel for Mother’s Day is a beautiful intention that will mark this day with pleasure and enchantment. The jewel is an object that lasts and […]

Wedding accessories : hats & headbands

The wedding season is open and at OGGI, we are keen to offer a wide range of wedding accessories for this moment of festivity. The blogpost of the day will tell you about hats and head accessories. Wedding accessories : hats Hats and other hair accessories can transform your outfit and add a touch of […]

Art Deco bracelet : accessorize your outfits like Gatsby

The Art Deco bracelet is making a comeback : bangles, soft bracelets or cuffs, you can (re)discover the beauty of this aesthetic. Indeed, women in the 1920s had a special taste for unique pieces, beautifully crafted objects and precious materials. Art Deco bracelet : the cuff To honor the style of the 1920s, OGGI put […]

Spring accessories selection : stole in motion

Spring accessories are a time when we enjoy ourselves a lot : colors, materials, textures, etc. The month of April is known for its adage “till April’s dead, change not a thread” so we wanted to present you one of our stoles that can accompany your outfits for this early spring. Spring accessories : stole […]

Bee jewelry : spring are in our new launch

The bee jewelry have been often seen on the runways at the level of accessories for this spring/summer. At OGGI, we are used to taking inspiration from Nature and its bestiary. Spring with its buds and flowers made us want to leave on a creation bee. Bee jewelry : our models The new creations that […]

Orange jewelry : OGGI energizes march

OGGI combines a selection of orange jewelry. Indeed, with the sun, we want vitamins and colors. Orange is a bright color, soft and full of energy ! For this change of season, we wanted to present several pieces more vivid than each other. Orange jewelry : the return of the orange Very fashionable during the […]