All fire, all flame

All fire all flame…That could inspire us the summer and its days so hot and luminous! At OGGI, we glide on the pretty summer flames that settle with a selection of jewelry to sparkle your summer! All fire all flame: flamboyant jewelry The red, yang color, strong and active, animates us at this time of […]

Summer jewelry in Central Park

OGGI jewelery travels around the world and we wanted to share summer jewelry in Central Park. We like the idea that our creations accompany you all over the world and bring you their beautiful energies on these occasions. Summer jewelry in Central Park: the Murano Our choice fell on our famous Murano glass set which […]

Amethysts and turquoises necklace

The summer days are coming and we want to show you this amethysts and turquoises necklace that I call mermaid necklace. Amethysts and turquoises necklace: rough stones This jewel is a “plastron” statement necklace turquoises and amethysts with mini lacquered molds. The turquoise blue and purple blends perfectly with the natural shape of the stones. The plastron […]

Summer necklaces

Which summer necklaces to choose? We have many options to offer in our boutique: colorful, sober, sophisticated, precious…In short, at OGGI, there is something for everyone! Today, we wanted to present you two pieces of our new collection. Summer Necklaces: silver, moonstone and aquamarine We chose to mix together two necklaces. These jewels dress the […]

Happy jewelry

Happy jewelry, an important philosophy that we want to share with OGGI. We create jewelry and accessories to share love, happiness and beautiful energies. Happy jewelry: a shared happiness Creating jewelry that makes you happy is a wonderful way of life that makes our identity. A quote that we like a lot is “happiness is […]

A touch of blue

The sun, the birds singing in a Paris that find colors and trees in bloom … What’s more poetic than a touch of blue to get into the dance ?! A touch of blue Blue is a color we honor throughout the year. For this spring, we decided to have it in the spotlight with a […]

Pink Murano Glass Jewelry

For the arrival of spring, we wanted to present you with pink Murano glass jewelry. We are known for our Murano glass jewels that we manufacture in our workshops. Murano jewels are part of OGGI‘s DNA and we are always very happy to continue this art which is dear to us and to decline this […]

Sardinian jewelry

Sardinian jewelry Sardinia has a special place in the heart of OGGI. We draw our inspiration from the wealth and culture of the beautiful Sardinian to offer each time more unique pieces to our customers. It is also there that we unearth some of our stones and pearls in order to create the most beautiful […]

Valentine’s Day jewelry

Valentine’s jewelry is a timeless gift to women. At OGGI, we love to reinvent ourselves and this day is an additional opportunity to share this link that is so precious to us and all the love we have to share! Valentine’s Day jewelry: some ideas Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, a celebration of […]

How to wear a jewelry brooch?

Nowadays, it is less and less common to see women wearing fancy brooches. At OGGI, we create each collection because they allow us to express our creativity. So today we will share some tips on how to wear a jewelry brooch. How to wear a jewelry brooch? A jewelry brooch can be worn on several […]