blue monday

Blue monday by OGGI

Blue Monday is the third Monday of the year and is described as the saddest day of the year. At OGGI, we find it sad to give such a negative valence to a day. It does not correspond at all to our philosophy!

Blue Monday by OGGI

At OGGI, we decided to inject positive energy into this day and propose to create a new dynamic ! Every day is an opportunity where we can walk our paths, enjoy life, see the people we love, etc. So, instead of following the depressing human masses of Blue Monday, let us open the door of joy and happiness.

In order to offer you a different vision, we want to brighten your day by telling you about the return of gold in this year 2019 !

Blue Monday : the come back of gold

Gold is a timeless in the world of jewelry. For 2019, it is all the more in the spotlight in our collections. Gold and yellow are a reminder of the sun. His energy is an opening to the world, attracting the light.

The jewel we want to introduce is a pair of dangling earrings. The model is made of 5 micron gold plated. The effect of the structure is brushed gold and highlights an aquamarine drop of a beautiful jade green color.