choosing accessories

Choosing accessories : matching scarf & jewelry

Autumn has set in well, the period is ideal to bring out your stoles ! Today, we wanted to accompany you on the theme of choosing accessories and more particularly the idea of ​​matching your stoles to your jewelry.

Choosing accessories

At OGGI, as soon as fall approaches, we bring out a large collection of hats, stoles and gloves – just to keep our customers warm ! Whether it’s raining, snowing or windy, we have the perfect accessory for you.

In order to support you in this process of choosing your accessories, it is important to think of the accessory in a context :

  • why do you want this accessory ?
  • for which kind of occasions ?
  • what materials would be the most suitable ?
  • etc.

Obviously, coming to the store remains the best option to choose your accessories.

Matching your scarf & jewelry

At OGGI, we like to create consistency, harmony within an outfit – while bringing a touch of originality.

In this article, we wanted to have fun and offer you ideas of associations between the stoles that will accompany us in the coming months and jewelry. Indeed, it is not because the stole can – partially, hide your jewelry that it should be chosen “by default”.

A stole will dress your neck, bring texture to your hairline, play with various materials and colors. Admittedly, it is about a “practical” accessory but which can bring an exceptional touch.

Here we offer you 100% silk stoles – with no visible seams – which makes them even more special. To match your stole with your jewelry, you can bet on :

  • colors,
  • prints,
  • textures,
  • lengths,
  • etc.

Generally, Murielle – in the boutique, will work her magic to always offer you the accessory that will transform your look in the blink of an eye. And I speak from experience ! Indeed, last winter, I hesitated for a long time on these magnificent velvet stoles…Finally, it was one of my best purchases of the season. The point of originality brought by Murielle was the color : a yellow gold – a color that I would never have (never ever chose on my own) but which in the end, goes perfectly with my navy coat and my jewelry !