Daisy ring

The daisy ring is our favorite piece of summer 2018 : the flowers are so small glitter of happiness that we want to keep forever. The flowers fade but at OGGI, we wanted to immortalize them in our jewelry!

The daisy ring

Our daisy rings are made with our famous Murano glass. The flowers are sealed on silver. Delicate and elegant, they are colored with bright colors to remind us of the powerful energy of summer and the very playful side of flowers!

We decline the rings daisies either with a single daisy, soliflore mode, or duet, in you and me with two flowers that intersect. We also created this range in order to create bouquets on the hands of our customers by combining the two models. This creates volume and a unique style by hand. We love it!

The daisy ring : how to wear it ?

Here, we present you as a duo: a soliflore ring and a duet ring. The two textures of Murano creates a unique visual and brings a lot of depth. With this range of blue, you can wear your rings with all the outfits in blue tones, but also on white, grey, etc. This color will bring a wind of freshness to your looks while falling a little in childhood by counting the petals: “I love you…a little…a lot…passionately…madly…”.

Daisy ring (from 280 €)