Exotic jewelry : OGGI’s escape selection

Let’s go on holidays, the sea and the sun with the OGGI crew who have prepared for you a selection of exotic jewelryan anti-gloom accessories kit ! There comes a point in the winter when energy runs out and we sometimes need a little help from Nature. With the right color, the right jewelry, the right stone, we can find ourselves re-boost. So, let’s not waste time and embark on OGGI Airline flight 555 to the dreamy island !

Exotic jewelry : an escape selection

What inspired us for this article is the color red. In addition to being ultra energizing, it comes in synchrony with this time of year when Valentine’s Day is approaching. We wanted to put red in the spotlight to warm you with its flame, its energy, etc.

We have selected five necklaces from our current collection :

  1. Cherry-colored 5-row coral necklace. This necklace is made up of drops of coral and Sardinian turquoise. We have also combined small smoky quartz to bring depth. This necklace exudes an exotic holiday vibe.
  2. Multi-row meditation coral necklace associated with a coral and pearl star pendant. The holidays are not far away !
  3. Two cherry coral necklaces with a gradient beads, silver clasps.
  4. Two long glass pearl necklaces spaced with small golden elements and a light turquoise to create contrast.
  5. Necklace made up of 3 large coral balls in the shape of a barrel. These coral beads are spaced by amethyst briollettes and small very clear turquoise beads. Long live the holidays !
  6. Necklace made of vintage briard pearls with a coral-colored stintino (Sardinia) mother-of-pearl at the end.

We wish you a nice end of January and we will meet again very quickly for the feast of lovers !