Fall 2020 : our selection of statement rings

In this fall 2020, we wanted to put the spotlight on rings and more particularly, what our Anglo-Saxon neighbors call “statement rings“. We don’t really have a literal translation, but a “statement” piece of jewelry is quite a massive piece of jewelry, with a strong personality. It is an object, a creation that does not go unnoticed.

Why choose “statement rings” ?

The fairly large pieces are pieces that will highlight an energy, an aspect of our personality. We have just magnified a specific element of our look. Statement jewelry also allows us to play on self-confidence because we dare to go out of the ordinary, we have the audacity to be noticed by our jewelry.

At the same time, choosing this type of jewelry also makes you want to wear really crafted pieces. A “large” piece of jewelry that is poorly made or poorly finished will give a mixed impression. Beautiful pieces require unparalleled expertise from the craftsman in order to combine engineering, elegance and beauty. It requires knowing the proportions and the balance in order to offer the perfect jewel.

Our selection of rings for back to work

For this fall 2020, OGGI invites you to discover five models of rings very different from each other and which will be able to create a crush women with strong styles.

Sun ring

To extend the summer and the holidays, here is the perfect ring for a solar back season. This ring with the sun motif (or sunflower, it depends on who is looking at it !) Is made in gold plated. This ring is a real ray of sunshine with a unique texture work.

Smoky quartz ring

A piece that exudes modernity with its almost futuristic silver frame that sublimates a magnificent pear-shaped smoked quartz.

Citrine ring

Bronze plated ring with a clear citrine. Elegant and original.

Trio gemstone ring

This ring is original in its shape and composition. It combines three stones on a vermeil ring : one in pink quartz, an amethyst, a prinythe for a soothing energy.

Five gemstone ring

An association also of gemstones with a style very different from the previous one. Here we have combined five stones : aquamarine, smoked quartz, citrine, amethyst and rutilated quartz. We offer you a farandole of colors to dress your outfits. Colors that give joy to put your mind in a positive energy for the start of the school year !