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Fashion jewelry Paris : OGGI’s creations

Why choose your costume jewelry at OGGI ? OGGI is a brand that offers you to live in the present moment. We want to embody the joyful spirit of creation, of the staging of a jewel. A little, a lot, crazy to achieve a perfect result, which gives magic to a creation.

OGGI promises you the creation of high-end custom costume jewelry, personalized by a passionate designer.

Why choose your fashion jewelry at OGGI ?

OGGI carefully selects the stones in order to imagine each of its creations. Our energetic jewelry is made in full awareness with a unique radiation and vibration in order to make you benefit from harmonizing jewelry with high potential.

Both through our site and in the store, discover the OGGI collections and its many models of fashion, trendy, custom-made jewelry for women. Custom jewelry models, unique for unique women.

Thanks our service in store, you can transform your style both daily and for all the happy occasions of life : weddings, celebrations, events, etc.

High-end costume jewelry

OGGI jewelry is luxury jewelry, fine jewelry. We select magnificent breathtaking semi-precious stones. We combine them with interesting, unusual, original designs and exceptional know-how in order to offer you spectacular pieces.

All our parts are manufactured in our Parisian workshops – which therefore offer a short production circuit which is extremely rare these days.

Our collections include both necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, etc. Our jewelry embodies very different styles ranging from baroque to modern, through art-deco, etc. All of them embody a touch of the feminity and modernism, which is very rare.

All our jewelry is feminine jewelry that will sublimate your look – even on a casual outfit.

Three words describe our work : passion, patience, perseverance.