festive jewels

Festive jewels : “painter’s palette” necklace

December is coming and it’s time to think about festive jewels ! As every year, we like to offer you original pieces, fairy, bright – in short, jewels that will come in synergy with the beauty of the decorations, your outfits and these precious moments.

Last month, we introduced a new collection that we call “Painter’s Palette“. This range continues to decline and we wanted to introduce another piece of our creation.

Festive jewels : the “painter’s palette” necklace

Our range “painter’s palette” is also available in silver. Silver inspires winter, snow and our creations can be seen with an icy effect worthy of the tales of our childhood.

For the silver collection, we are on pure silver jewelry. The peculiarity of the silver of this jewel is its work with a brushed finish that gives a modern side, a bit raw that contrasts with the delicacy of the stones. We wanted to make the painter’s gesture, that master’s hand that plays with textures – what better than brushed silver to feel the touch of the brush ?

The “painter’s palette” necklace consists of a multi-row necklace combining both silver and moonstone pearls, with semi-opaque white hues, reminiscent of snow.

The pendant, of a triangular shape, begins with a silver cabochon surmounted by a turquoise which announces the tone. The jewelery “painter’s palette” enchants us with a multitude of semi precious stones that come to recall the colors of gouaches and other oil paintings.

The result is elegant, delicate and radiant. We are very proud of this achievement!

Festive jewels : our advice for choosing them

For parties, we want to feel sublime, elegant. At OGGI, we like to accessorise the outfits of our customers with balance. It is important for us to create a coherence, find the accessory that will highlight the clothes you wear and bring this touch of extra-ordinary. The choice of colors, materials and volumes are very important : these are elements to have in mind when you want to accessorize your look. The important thing is to draw a thread, a red thread on which you will build your outfit.

Choose one extravagant piece : a ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings and stay sober for the rest. If there is too much accumulation, the eyes can not know where to watch and the final result may appear confusing.

If you are looking for inspiration, do not hesitate to visit us, we will be delighted to transform your outfits with magic !