flower ring

Flower ring : our solar model

The flower ring is becoming more and more trendy. The floral trend comes in very different styles : both romantic, but also more sophisticated ranging from the 20s to a more rock’n’roll side.

Flower ring : about the trend

Flowers have always had a beautiful part in jewelery. The flower comes in a ring to elegantly dress the hand of the wearer. The flower ring brings volume to the hand and gives a touch of originality to our outfit.

The flower ring is played on all models : small and discreet or imposing and majestic. All flowers inspire creators : daisies, roses, irises, camellias, etc.

The models come in both silver, gold, with montages of stones – semi precious and/or precious, ceramics, in short, the imagination has no limit.

Flower ring : our solar model

To bring beautiful sun run into the winter sky, we wanted to present you a beautiful sunflower.

The ring radiates in a beautiful golden, which reminds the solar star and the flower that follows it throughout its flowering. We have a big heart with the pistils of the flower that brings texture to the jewelry. Around, the petals bring movement to the whole jewel. Their movements and texture give a very baroque impression.

This ring is composed of a 5 micron gold-plated pellet dome. This gold is the sun that warms in winter and will illuminate all your outfits – and even the most festive ones !