Fringe Handbag

The fringe handbag for a stylish fall

The fringes are calling the 70s, freedom, escape, cowboy movies and the hippie movement. At the same time bohemian, chic, sometimes rock, the handbag with fringes is one of the trendy accessories of the fall.

At OGGI, we created a new model of handbag: the Western bag. This is a very glamorous model of ultra-soft calf leather that will look like your look for this fall.

How to wear the fringe handbag

The fringe bag is not necessarily black or camel. For a more sparkling touch, you can choose a colorful pattern. Our handbag presented here is in a soft pink that will bring sweetness to your autumn.

Its shape allows you to wear it at the shoulder or elbow to play with the styles. The goal is to give to your look a touch of originality in a harmonious and innovative way.

Advice from OGGI: Avoid the total fringe look. If you choose this handbag, do not add other fringed pieces.