fuchsia accessories

Fuchsia accessories

Color is an asset at OGGI. Whatever the season, we never do in monochrome. To illuminate the winter and early this year, we wanted to bet on fuchsia accessories! The fuchsia is a light-filled, joyful color, and an invitation for spring to come quickly!

It is therefore a perfect color to start the year which we hope will be full with good energies, big and small happiness! So, do not hesitate a second more, let the jewels and accessories take on this role in order to turn 2018 into an extraordinary rainbow.

Fuchsia accessories: How to choose them?

The fuchsia illuminates a dark outfit – as here, black. This color fizzles a rather classic dress. As for accessories, this shade can be provided by a pair of shoes, a handbag, a scarf and/or jewelry, for example.

It is also good to play on textures and materials. For example, a fuchsia scarf will bring a very cocooning vibe. A pair of polished ballerina will give tinsel…The key word is to have fun!

Fuchsia accessories: Our selection

We associated and declined the fuchsia in many forms and accessories. A bracelet with a plunging tie in lambskin leather and gold-plated fasteners delicately adorn the wrist. For the earrings, we are on a medieval style with blown glass. These earrings bring elegance to the wearing of head. The most spectacular piece is this pink ruby ​​snake ring that shines with its light. This jewel is a creation of the most incredible and brings an unusual wealth to the hand.

We invite you to go to the store to discover more colorful creations to enchant your outfits!