glass necklace

Glass necklace : between earth and sea

Glass necklace is a strong piece and we present you with an assortment of necklaces that we thought of as a waterfall for the summer.

Glass necklace : a trio between earth and sea

OGGI presents a beautiful trio of necklaces that we thought in symbiosis. Two of them are made of glass paste engraved with a knife. The engravings created a very natural effect, almost like the veins of a leaf. The third necklace consists of agate, smoked quartz, pink quartz, aquamarine and glass paste. This necklace creates the personality of the whole. It highlights the other two and vice versa, the two glass paste necklaces are like a precious case for it.

This trio of necklaces is an ode between earth and sea. The effect is both vegetal with these engraved pearls and the colors in a shades of green. At the same time, we feel like diving into an aquatic world with the atmosphere that emerges from these jewels. Like the scales of a fish that sparkle in the sun, like the seaweed in a turquoise water … This trio of necklaces is an invitation to relaxation, travel and vacation!