gold and pearl jewelry

Gold and pearl jewelry : luminous earrings

Gold and pearl jewelry, an elegant and timeless combination that we wanted to share again at OGGI. Like the sunny days we have been enjoying for some time now, gold and pearl jewelry bring light.

Gold and pearl jewelry : elegance OGGI

In 2019, we see the great come back of gold. We mentioned it in one of our January posts.

Gold goes perfectly with pearls. Gold offers it a case in which its light finds shine and reflection. OGGI‘s jewels are endless : necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches, we love these noble materials.

To illustrate this combination, we chose this pair of creole earrings. This one is worked as a ribbon with a unique movement effect. We made a material effect to gold because we wanted it sandblasted. Indeed, what’s more logical for a pearl than to end up with sand ? The pearls that make up this jewel are real pearls of Sardinia.