Happy jewelry

Happy jewelry, an important philosophy that we want to share with OGGI. We create jewelry and accessories to share love, happiness and beautiful energies.

Happy jewelry: a shared happiness

Creating jewelry that makes you happy is a wonderful way of life that makes our identity. A quote that we like a lot is “happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it” (Albert Schweitzer).

We are delighted to see the wonder in the eyes of our customers, their smiles when they discover our new pieces and especially their delight when they give us feedback on what the compliments they receive when they wear our creations!

Happy jewelry: jewelry while lightness

The silver necklace, delicate and light, brings light to the dress. The play of the rib-knit rings and the transparency of opaque and milky glass pave stones give sophistication and play with their geometry.

The clip earrings respond to the movement of the necklace with these arcs of circles. The turquoises catch the eye and bring a touch of magic to the whole. The two drops of moonstone recall the transparency of the stones of the necklace.