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High Jewelry : OGGI incredible bestiary

If you have visited our boutique, you know that OGGI is also in High Jewelry. On the occasion of this end of the year, we wanted to present you a category of objects of which we are very proud: the bestiary OGGI.

High Jewelry : our creations

We put forward our unique know-how and our workshop. For these creations to come to life, it all starts with a story of hands. Those, experts, patients and inventives of artisans who have successively looked at them.

We create models based on our inspiration and the energies of the moment. Our customers also know how to solicit us for the creation of tailor-made pieces on demand. We are in these moments in a time of co-creation where we turn an idea into reality.

High Jewelry : OGGI incredible bestiary

We enjoy creating unique pieces around the animal world. Often, these creations come alive in the form of brooches but can be worn into a pendant on a pretty chain.

Today, we present you new pieces :

  • Scarab brooch in blue sapphire.
  • Ladybird brooch in ruby ​​and onyx, which comes in large and small model.
  • Bee brooch in zirconium and onyx.

Our bestiary also consists of butterflies, lizard, savannah animals, etc. that you can find in store.