arlequin christmas

Holiday jewelry for an Arlequin Christmas

The jewels for holiday are there to illuminate our outfits and make them unforgettable! For Christmas, imagination is in order and we can dream of all the universes.

Christmas jewelry: a Harlequin Christmas

We are inspired by the theater for this first festive look. Harlequin is one of the key figures in the history of theater – especially Italian, and at OGGI, we are attached to this culture!

The jewels we have chosen to highlight are very bright, brilliant to break the style of dress. This dress is very dark with floral prints. The necklace that we chose to dress is a double-row model of cultured pearls. This necklace is structured like a tie necklace. The two rows of pearls pass in this golden harlequin structure worked in all details. The necklace dresses the neckline of the dress, gives volume to the outfit and a depth to the whole. It completely illuminates the outfit.

To complete the look, we have selected a golden ring that is also very vaporous in its structure. This ring is like a sun whose rays unfold.