shell necklace

Holiday jewelry : the shell necklace is what you need

The summer holidays rang with the Bastille day bank holiday. Many of us are looking for some chill time – especially after this confinement, sun and beach ! Both for those who leave and for those who do not leave, we offer a jewel that will transport you to the seaside : the shell necklace.

Holiday jewelry : the shell necklace

Young or less young, we all wore shell necklaces, bought on the beach. Souvenir of the holidays, this accessory is the sweet extension on our outfit of the pleasures of summer. In order to fully integrate it into your jewelry collection and your wardrobe, OGGI offers a whole range of seashell necklace – which we can ad infinitum, depending on the shells we find.

Both with your beachwear and swimsuit, as with a pretty linen summer dress, this is the trendy accessory.

Roudoudou necklace

This long necklace is reminiscent of the big shells of our childhood that we were passionately looking for on the beach…and that our parents threw once back home ! This necklace is also the memory of the roudoudou candies that we cheerfully licked and that colored our tongue.

Mounted on a long necklace with wooden beads like a rosary. This piece is fun, easy to wear and will perfectly dress a white t-shirt or a linen dress.

Coral necklace

This sea composition with a real seashell and coral in orange tones. The piece is mounted on a beautiful hand-scalloped chain and zirconium dyes in a closed setting.

Elegant and original, to wear on the skin.