How to accessorize summer outfits

How to accessorize summer outfits ?

How to accessorize summer outfits ? A question that comes regularly in the heart of our shop – especially with the beautiful days that finally point the tip of their nose ! We will share some tips to assist you in your choice.

Why accessorize summer outfits ?

At OGGI, we have many ways to help you transform and accessorize your outfits. Our range of creations goes from jewelry, handbags to hats. There is really a multitude of possibilities when you will come to our shop.

Accessorize an outfit will help set the tone for a garment and the image that we will return. Depending on the selected pieces, we can both dress or play down a piece and/or a look. We can express our creativity and personality through our choices. In addition, we can also channel energy according to the colors and stones chosen.

In summer, our outfits are lighter, so it is interesting to bring lines, colors and touches that will enrich our look. The accessories can completely transform a small light dress or a basic set such as jeans and white t-shirt.

How to accessorize summer outfits ?

The jewelry are the most obvious choice : earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets…At OGGI, we also specialize in brooches – especially a bestiary that we like to add to each collection : dragonflies, butterflies, dragons, etc. We like to search for the unique and the original and to propose creations that are no longer worked today.

Handbags essential accessories for women, they accompany us everywhere. Generally, the change of season makes us want to switch handbag. Come in and discover our summer chic creations that transform the classic basket into a modern and trendy piece.

Hats – capeline, panama, etc., we are known for the exceptional quality of our pieces. We were the first to develop an XXL line of capelines before this trend reached the catwalk in 2019. Our hats are also custom made on demand, both in terms of colors and flowers that we create and dyes ourselves.

Scarves and stoles are an elegant option to warm up when the cool weather dies on sunny days. We offer creations in the most noble materials such as silk to surround you with softness.

How to accessorize summer outfits : our advices

The choice of accessories should not be done at random even if we also like to work at the crush. Here are some valuable indications that will accompany you from now on !

Choose accessories that match your morphology. The accessories can indeed highlight your body and your face. In addition, depending on the color of our hair, our eyes, our skin, this choice will not be the same. Indeed, some skin tones will prefer warm tones, others cool tones, etc. It’s the same for the height : the length of our jewels must be also reflected according to what makes symbiosis. If they are well chosen, they will emphasize your eyes, give impetus to your head wear, lengthen your figure, etc.

Adapt your accessories to your style. We all have a style : casual, chic, working girl, bohemian, etc. Generally, our style of dress will influence the choice of our accessories. They do not always need to resonate with our style because we can indeed play offsets. Nevertheless, some pieces attract us more than others. All our expertise in store is to support this choice to meet your needs.

We hope to see you very soon in our shop to enrich your knowledge and offer you a personalized coaching.