jewelry brooche

How to wear a jewelry brooch?

Nowadays, it is less and less common to see women wearing fancy brooches. At OGGI, we create each collection because they allow us to express our creativity. So today we will share some tips on how to wear a jewelry brooch.

How to wear a jewelry brooch?

A jewelry brooch can be worn on several types of clothing. It will dress, structure, give a touch of fantasy and preciousness to your outfit.

Classically, brooches bloom on jackets and coats. Nevertheless, it has quite its place on dresses and shirts or blouses. Here we dress a black dress with a brooch. Wearing a brooch on a dress comes out of the classic long necklace and will bring a lot of chic.

If you’re wearing a plain, jewel-free outfit : opt for an original and/or colorful fantasy designer brooch. It will give a new dimension full of originality to your look. If you wear jewelry : stay in the colors of your brooch and opt for a fancy brooch small or medium.

Which brooch to choose?

To brighten up this beginning of the year, we have selected this oval sun-shaped brooch. It radiates with its beauty and style out of the ordinary! This brooch is shaped like a star with all its rays. The central cabochon is blown glass and the jewelry is adorned with small fuchsia crystals.

At OGGI, our source of inspiration is endless to create unique brooches, which find their way, in the heart of our customers: butterfly, clovers, flowers, animals…Our imagination has no limit!