How to wear jewelry tones on tones?

How to wear jewelry tones on tones?

Sometimes we hesitate to dare jewelry tones on tones with a twist. We are more inclined to cut in the colors… And yet, sometimes the mix of colors in the same shade can bring texture and depth to the outfit. All this lies in the right choice of materials and styles.

To illustrate the theme of the day, we chose blue: color of summer sky, ocean … In short, a tint that always attracts our customers! On a sky blue dress, we combined two elements with blue: the necklace and the bracelet.

We have a long necklace with small onyx pearls, silver beads and oval resin beads. Its length is perfect and its style creates a symbiosis with the shape of the dress.

The bracelet is in slate and glass cabochon. This piece also combines black and blue and the fact that it is a bracelet, its position in space creates a median line that gives full meaning to the dress!

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