jewelry gift ideas for women

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women

Our shop being open on the 24th of December, we wanted to share with you some jewelry gift ideas for women for late arrivals ! A jewel is always a great idea when we want to please our loved ones. Here is our selection for Christmas 2019 !

Jewelry Gift Ideas for Women

Murano long necklace

The OGGI Murano necklaces are one of our iconic pieces. Available endlessly, this noble material inspires us throughout the year. The necklaces that we present to you in photo combines several Murano techniques. For example, you have faceted Murano beads that form a beautiful long necklace with a play of transparency. Other necklaces are associated with semi-precious stones or precious metals.

Velvet stole

Perfectly suited for the season, the velvet stoles are one of the flagship pieces of our 2019 season. We have created a large collection of unique pieces in very high-quality silk velvet to envelop you in softness ! We have patchwork models in store with different types of velvet and fabrics and we also have XXL velvet stoles which are almost 3 meters long and can be worn as an everyday stole or as an accessory during a evening. Several colors are available such as a whole collection of bronze, red, turquoise, pearlescent, etc.

Creole Earrings

For fun and elegant gifts, we invite you to discover our creoles. We have created new models in harmonies of multiple colors and materials. Glass paste, semi-precious stones, precious metals, for pierced ears or clips, you can find the perfect pair according to your style and energy!

Mabé ring

This ring is an exceptional piece with its Mabé pearl. If you do not know the Mabé pearls, they are hemispherical pearls formed against the inside of the oyster shell and not in the body of the mollusk. These are very rare pearls. From this shape, OGGI has created this very Italian ring with its structure with an antique touch.

Fancy Ring

For a touch a little more fancy, here is a ring that we like very much because of the play of texture that we have created. On a basis of pink vermeille, we worked the material like sand to bring a very luminous and original effect. This ring elegantly dresses the hand with this disc which covers the fingers.

All the OGGI team wish you wonderful Holiday Season !