keeping a positive mind

Keeping a positive mind during lockdown

Today, we want to offer you a little escape from this troubled period that we are going through with some tips for keeping a positive mind and how we transmit these energies in our jewelry.

Keeping a positive mind during lockdown

Admittedly, it is difficult to have to stay at home every day, especially when we see the sun flooding our apartments and houses ! Take the opportunity to bring out lighter outfits, dresses, skirts, tops that will allow you to take a few colors if you take the sun from your balconies, terraces…If you are not lucky enough to have these few additional square meters, install yourself an armchair near the window (wide open), or even a beach towel and a few cushions to make yourself comfortable ! Put on a hat, a pair of sunglasses, play some music in the background and/or take out a book !

Choose activities, colors that make you feel good ! This is why, in the article of the day, we highlight the blue that we are going to look for in turquoise. The colors of this stone vary from the lightest blues to the most intense blues. These colors make us happy and make us travel. We think of our next vacation, the blue of the sea merging with the blue of the sky and the horizon in the distance leads us to better days.

Think about this :

Think of the best so that the best comes

Keeping a positive mind : the power of turquoise

Turquoise is the stone of lithotherapy which connects the physical being with the upper spheres. It helps us to understand ourselves better and, in so doing, leads us to better control our thoughts and actions so that they bear fruit in reality. For that, you just have to listen to this stone and be ready to hear what it has to teach you about yourself. Only then can you discover your true potential.

Turquoise is an interesting stone for the period we are going through because it allows us to connect to our different dimensions and to make sense of it. It also helps to fight against negativity, depression, nightmares. It gives confidence in oral communication and inspiration (writing, for example).

Here is a selection of turquoise jewelry :

Multi-rows necklace

Gold plated long necklace spiced up with these very clear Sardinian turquoises, which look like the color of the limpid and transparent waters of this paradisiac island.

Filigrane necklace

Seed necklace of aquamarines with a filigrane pendant cut out by hand and a turquoise of Alghero at the end.

Earrings and bracelet

A very special set : a weekly silver bracelet with a charm in Egyptian turquoise engraved in the shape of a cylinder.

Art Deco style earrings of beautiful simplicity and dazzling turquoise blue.