lace jewelry

Lace jewelry : delicacy and refinement

We present you a piece that we nicknamed “lace jewelry“. Indeed, their design and structure are conceived and conceptualized in our workshops with the greatest precision.

Lace jewelry : our earrings

Why propose a model with a lace design ? Elegance, refinement and lightness are what define these pieces. The lace can be declined in many design which can be more unique and original ones than the others. Propose this frame also allows us to create a precious box for the stones that we want to sublimate.

In addition, a jewel with this design will bring movement to the port of the head. It allows to play and blend with the client’s hair.

We present you a new creation which is a pair of long earrings made out of bronze wire with two drops carved in a beautiful faceted green agate. This model is for pierced ears but like all our jewels, we can transform them for non pierced ears.

This jewel is perfect for the summer season for its aerial side and this touch of color. It is doing very well with, for example, a pretty white dress (linen for the holiday touch).