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Last minute gift ideas : our selection

Sometimes we are lacking of gift ideas or simply, there is no time to ask ourselves and find the perfect idea that will please…OGGI offers you today (since our shop welcomes you on this Christmas Eve), a selection of last-minute gift ideas !

Last-minute gift ideas : what jewelry to offer ?

At OGGI, we always have lots of gift ideas to offer. Murielle offers every moment of her magic so that you can leave as delighted as the person who will open her/his present. For last minute gifts, we wanted to suggest a pair of earrings. We selected four pairs from our collections.

The four pairs we have chosen are all pendent models :

  1. The first (160 €) is a turquoise and altuglasse amethyst earrings : discreet, elegant and luminous.
  2. The second (130 €) is a pair of spindle earrings clip made of white frosted glass with a drop crystal rock. A small pearl in green prinite brings a touch of very chic color. This model is very sophisticated and at the same time easy to wear.
  3. The third (55 €) dormeuse earrings in turquoise glass paste and amber glass paste. These is bringing a very 20’s touch.
  4. The fourth (150 €) is a long pair of enamelled orange ears, finished with a smoked quartz. Colorful and geometric, they bring a unique movement to the port of head.

Season Greetings from all the OGGI team !