Custom Made Accessories

Flowers for buttonholes

Our flower accessories for suits are made of natural silk , to pin to the buttonhole.


Offering a certain elegance, OGGI’s men’s hats are made in the traditional way.


Among the most distinguished of men’s jewellery are OGGI cufflinks.

Tie pins

Rare and unique jewellery, the tie pin suggests a sense of refinement. OGGI’s are tipped with a pearl, the height of elegance.

Jacket pockets

OGGI natural silk jacket pockets are ideal accessories to enhance a suit.

More about men's made-to-order

The creator of OGGI, together with her Parisian artisans, is ready to create the boldest men’s jewellery and accessories. This customised service offers men jewellery and accessories that suit them perfectly. Associated with handcrafted, French products, the made to order creations of OGGI have a unique character.