Mother-of-pearl and pearl jewelry

Mother-of-pearl and pearl jewelry : why to choosing them ?

At the start of the year, the OGGI team wishes to honor mother-of-pearl and pearl jewelry. Indeed, their energies fascinate us and we work on it throughout the year in our creations. Why choosing these materials from Nature ? What are their properties ? Come and discover them !

Mother-of-pearl and pearl jewelry : what properties?

Mother-of-pearl and pearl jewelry is jewelry that was born a long time ago. These materials were already used in Antiquity.


The pearl is soft, sweet and feminine – especially in moments of passage, like the New Year. It also symbolizes purity. It provides soothing and well-being. The pearl is known to reduce mood swings and anxieties.

It was noted that for people lacking of calcium (decalcification), it was interesting to wear pearls. The pearl also helps people suffering from the stomach (digestion, ulcer, etc.). It brings light to the person who wears it.

The pearl represents the chakra of the solar plexus. This is why this stone is often worn as a pendant.

In astrology, it supports the energy of cancers, pisces, libra for the white pearl and capricorns for the black pearl.

The pearl can die. Can not stand makeup, perfume and sweat. This is why at OGGI, we invite you to put your jewelry in the very last step when you are preparing – so there is no risk of damaging them with hair spray or perfume !

Mother of pearl

Mother-of-pearl also represents softness, purity and femininity. Among the Greeks, it is a symbol of love. The men offered to their love a worked mother-of-pearl jewel. In China, mother-of-pearl symbolizes immortality.

In lithotherapy, mother of pearl by its milky color would have maternal and protective vertues (often associated to the Mary). It would gently protect against attacks from the outside environment and bring calm and serenity. It would protect from bad influences and would be very reassuring. Health level, it would improve digestion and renal functioning. It would help against arthritis, rheumatism and lymphatic problems. Shellfish have regenerative properties for bones. They contain substances that can intervene in the restructuring and stimulation of the skin. It is for this reason that it is still used in traditional Chinese medicine (in the form of powder to be diluted). Seashells would be of great help for pregnant women and baby conception. They would protect the foetus during its development.

In astrology, mother-of-pearl is associated with the signs of Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

Mother-of-pearl and pearl jewelry : January selection

Crocodile ring

The crocodile, from the lizard family, is used here to bring good luck.

This ring is made in silver with blue sapphires on the crocodile’s body and emeralds for the eyes.

Mother of pearl necklace

This necklace is a multi-row mother-of-pearl necklace with very small rock crystal beads. This model is very elegant, feminine while bringing lightness.

Flower ring

This ring is made from Sardinian pearls. Its flower-shaped structure is an invitation to hatching and development throughout the year

Medieval earrings

Clip-on earring model with mouth-blown glass paste (pink shade) with a medieval chain in sandblasted matte gold to which is attached a Sardinian pearl.

These curls are feminine and chic.

Altuglass necklace

New at OGGI, the altuglass pendant with a vermeil letter set inside. The 26 letters of the alphabet are available to measure.