2020 Back to work handbag : the vinyl model

The month of September is fast approaching and we often want something new for the start of the fall. OGGI offers you a 2020 back to work handbag model that will perfectly make the transition between vacation and the office ! 2020 back to work handbag For the start of the fall, our team invites […]

Gold and pearl jewelry : luminous earrings

Gold and pearl jewelry, an elegant and timeless combination that we wanted to share again at OGGI. Like the sunny days we have been enjoying for some time now, gold and pearl jewelry bring light. Gold and pearl jewelry : elegance OGGI In 2019, we see the great come back of gold. We mentioned it […]

Blue monday by OGGI

Blue Monday is the third Monday of the year and is described as the saddest day of the year. At OGGI, we find it sad to give such a negative valence to a day. It does not correspond at all to our philosophy! Blue Monday by OGGI At OGGI, we decided to inject positive energy […]

The importance of earrings

Talking about the importance of earrings seemed essential to us at OGGI. We make of all sizes, all styles – our only limit : our imagination! Earrings : our statement piece of the season We have declined a new form of jewels : a large drop of Murano blown glass with an inclusion of another […]

Amethysts and turquoises necklace

The summer days are coming and we want to show you this amethysts and turquoises necklace that I call mermaid necklace. Amethysts and turquoises necklace: rough stones This jewel is a “plastron” statement necklace turquoises and amethysts with mini lacquered molds. The turquoise blue and purple blends perfectly with the natural shape of the stones. The plastron […]

Festive jewelry : white and silver

Our boutique is in full swing with the arrival of the holiday season and festive jewelry is all around, in our windows. Shimmering colors, material effects, and a plethora of style so that each of our customers can be the brightest version of themselves! Festive jewelry : white and silver December, winter settling…We were inspired […]

Jewelry light: Murano’s glass

How to bring light and shine to winter outfits? At OGGI, our goal is to highlight all women. Today, we wanted to talk to you about Murano. The glass of Murano is a material that we use throughout the year in our creations. With accessories made off Murano, you lighten the winter clothes especially composed of thick sweaters, […]

New Year Resolutions !

Ladies at the dawn of this New Year , it’s time to take our resolutions 2016 fashions ! • Resolution No. 1 : “Every day a jewel.” And for that , you have to go and see Muriel for those who suit you best. • Resolution No. 2 : ” Mix your look.” Do not […]