orange jewelry

Orange jewelry : OGGI energizes march

OGGI combines a selection of orange jewelry. Indeed, with the sun, we want vitamins and colors. Orange is a bright color, soft and full of energy ! For this change of season, we wanted to present several pieces more vivid than each other.

Orange jewelry : the return of the orange

Very fashionable during the sixties with the hippie movement, the orange was set aside at the end of the twentieth century. Today, the orange begins to be trendy again (it was seen on the catwalks for the 2018-2019 Fall/Winter Fashion Week) and we put it in the spotlight at the beginning of spring.

The orange color is a benevolent and dynamic color. It brings warmth while bringing tonicity and a touch of spice that infuses wherever it passes a dose of good mood.

It is often associated with creativity and communication, because it is true that it is a carrier of optimism and openness.

Orange jewelry : our collections

You can find the orange color on many of our collections and product lines. This shade fits with our necklaces, earrings, brooches, etc.

Here, we present you several very “juicy” pieces with a mandarine double necklace in blown glass. In the same color, we have a drop shaped pendant in blown glass. To dress up your jackets and other mid-season coats, a pin in the orange hues will bring dynamism. Here you have our famous Murano blown glass butterfly in an orange and red duotone. For a slightly more vintage style, we offer a carnaye shell brooch and cognac crystal. Finally, add a touch of light to your face with a pair of resin encrusted earrings.