scavengers rugby tournament

The Scavengers Babies, sponsored by OGGI, place 5th in the Rugby, team of 7, tournament in Biarritz on May 20, 2018. Congratulations to them!

The Scavengers, sponsored by OGGI, won the Flanders Open Rugby tournament, Rugby team of 7 tournament, in Belgium on May 20, 2018! We are proud of them and we hope they will go even further!

avant garde magazine california winter

Find our jewelry in the California Winter shooting feature in 2017 december issue of Avant Garde Magazine.

Production: 4Kfashion
Photos: Isabelle Ruen
Model: Breena Marie Evans
Model: Anna Vallefuoco
Hmua: Reyna Khalil
Designer: Consort62
Jewelry: OGGI

Los Angeles Fashion de mars aux USA

Capeline OGGI dans le Fashion Addicts de Mars 2016

Collier OGGI dans Voici de Février 2016