sardinian jewelry

Sardinian jewelry

Sardinian jewelry

Sardinia has a special place in the heart of OGGI. We draw our inspiration from the wealth and culture of the beautiful Sardinian to offer each time more unique pieces to our customers.

It is also there that we unearth some of our stones and pearls in order to create the most beautiful jewels possible that we offer you throughout the year.

Sardinian jewels: earrings

The earrings are pieces that transform in the blink of an eye a head, a face, an outfit. They are very versatile in their existence, they are easily accessible and very playful pieces.

The model that we are presenting today is composed of a pretty peacock that adorns the ear and dresses the clasp. The peacock has a strong symbolism in Sardinia and has a positive energy, it will embody luck, happiness. Incorporating it into our creations is an additional nod while giving a stronger energy dimension to our jewels. On this peacock is hanging the rest of the structure of the loop which consists of two squares slightly curved and finely decorated to bring relief and richness to the material. Then, a half sphere chiseled with elegance finishes the jewel on which mini garnets that brings richness and style. Having these little pearls also brings more life and movement to the whole – something that matters to us at OGGI because we want our jewelry to live to the rhythm of the women who wear it!

To discover all our other Sardinian inspired jewels, we invite you to come to our shop.