Snake necklace

Snake necklace : white and gold for spring

At OGGI, we regularly like to put animals in the spotlight in our creations and today we are sharing this model of snake necklace. Our “bestiary” is what makes our identity and the signature of our unique know-how. Our craftsmen work meticulously to give life to our animals so that a striking reality can be captured during your visit to the boutique.

For us, it’s about combining reality with an imagination where everyone can energetically project themselves on these creations.

Snake necklace : white and gold for spring

In this post, we highlight this snake necklace because it has a very special energy. This model of necklace is a long necklace which combines a moonstone chain. These stones create a luxurious setting for our snake. The animal has different texture effects in order to be striking reality, both visually and sensually.

The snake is produced in a matt gold plated. This animal moves, is in movement, dances. For us, this represents the sign to enter the dance. We take one step, then two until we don’t stop. We dance with this snake but also with the blooming Nature which takes advantage of the rays of the spring sun.

This snake holds a mother-of-pearl which is a symbol of hope, femininity, softtness. All these energies are necessary to accompany us in the moment we are living, to move forward and maintain our eyes on the future.

With these few lines, OGGI wishes to encourage you to be on the move and honor this beautiful life that will make us dance again to celebrate summer with lightness !