spring accessories

Spring accessories selection : stole in motion

Spring accessories are a time when we enjoy ourselves a lot : colors, materials, textures, etc. The month of April is known for its adage “till April’s dead, change not a thread” so we wanted to present you one of our stoles that can accompany your outfits for this early spring.

Spring accessories : stole in motion

Throughout the year, OGGI offers a wide selection of stoles : from the lightest to the warmest, from the most colorful to the most restrained, there is really something for every taste and every occasion.

To help you in the choice of your spring accessories, we rely on a pair of bright colors : yellow and purple. Moreover, these two colors go perfectly together because of their complementarity on the chromatic circle. They also surround us in the spring in the nature with all the flowers that open.

The making of this stole is chiffon and silk satin. It is very light to wear while being hot. The stole mixes both lemon and parma colors in an impressionist style. Looking at this piece, we immediately think of Monet’s paintings.

Spring accessories : combine your stole and necklace

To be even more in symbiosis with spring time, we propose to combine your stole and your necklace. As we did on the picture, we create a harmony with two accessories on a chromatic theme.

The necklace we put forward is in the same colors as the stole and these two pieces interact in mirror. This necklace is made of blown glass of murano. The glass is colored lemon yellow like lemonade that we enjoy on the terrace and in parma, which is not unlike the lilacs that bloom in spring and delights us with its unique scent.

We are hoping you like this selection and you enjoyed your Easter holiday !