Summer necklaces

Which summer necklaces to choose? We have many options to offer in our boutique: colorful, sober, sophisticated, precious…In short, at OGGI, there is something for everyone! Today, we wanted to present you two pieces of our new collection.

Summer Necklaces: silver, moonstone and aquamarine

We chose to mix together two necklaces. These jewels dress the neckline while bringing richness and a very luxurious side to the whole.

We have a hammered and brushed silver metal with moonstones necklace that has a very ancient Greek style that seduces us totally. The second is a bronze and white silver necklace, embellished with moonstones and small blue aquamarine enamels. This one gives a more modern touch to the set and allows to create a shades of blue with the outfit.

Also find a pair of earrings, also from OGGI, hammered silver and aquamarine to remind the necklace and the touch of blue that is the thread of the outfit.

Summer Necklaces: How to wear them?

These are pieces with multiple personality. Here we have them on a dress. But we like to dress all styles and outfits with our necklaces. These will go perfectly on a nice shirt too.

Do not hesitate to wear a necklace on a t-shirt, even simple, it will bring light and a touch of chic in the blink of an eye!