Jewelry and custom accessories

The OGGI brand, characterized by its desire to make every woman, every men, offers a taylor-made service ready to fulfill all desires. Jewelry as accessories, numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, are handcrafted by the brand’s craftsmen.   

To adorn the bespoke jewelry, the most beautiful stones are selected. OGGI also leaves the choice of materais, colors and Murano so that each creation looks as much as possible to its owner.

The accessories can also be made to measure. OGGI makes it possible to choose a color, a material in order to fulfill the requirements of singularity of its customers.

And so that it customers can design the jewel or the accessory that suits them the most, OGGI put on a color chart with the range of almost infinite colors.

Others OGGI services

Transformation and restoration of jewelry @ accessories

OGGI offers a service of transformation and restoration of jewels & accessories. A jewel to modernize? A ring to tighten? A necklace to restore or personalize? A hat to restore? OGGI sends you a free estimate within 24 hours and surrounds itself with the best craftsmen to answer your requests.

Threading pearls

OGGI offers a threading service. Different editing techniques are used. With or without knots, on silk thread or cable, these options are studied according to the weight of the pearls. Threading of fine or ornamental stones is also done on nylon thread, characterized by its strength and strength.

 Baths of gilding and silverware

To submit your jewelry to a gilding and silver bath, contact OGGI. The craftsmen of the brand will know how to make all their brilliance to your possessions.


Murielle, the creator and designer of OGGI, is an image consultant. She creates and chooses the most appropriate pieces to harmonize your image, highlight the strengths of your personality and highlight what is best in you. Thus, you are accompanied in this search towards your personal style.