travel to andalusia

Travel to Andalusia with our new collection

We offer you a trip to Andalusia with our new collection for spring 2020. Indeed, to welcome the first rays of spring, we are inspired by Spain and the Andalusian style.

Travel to Andalusia

Small cultural point, Andalusia is located in the South of Spain. Andalusia is the second largest autonomous community in Spain. The best known cities in the region are Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Seville.

Andalusia has been crossed by different peoples and cultures – which makes its unique identity today. We find there traces of the Middle-East, North Africa and the Cyclades.

Andalusia is the homeland of flamenco. It is also the region of origin of the purebred Spanish horse, and one of the high places of bullfighting.

Our Andalusian inspired collection

These jewels take you with them under the Spanish sun. They will bring you confidence, femininity and originality.

Andalusian earrings

These large Andalusian style earrings feature a magnificent filigree entirely cut by hand. This model is decorated with carnelian briolettes.

These earrings are available in pink quartz, lapis lazuli and moonstone.

All the models presented are available in brushed matt silver and gun (grey silver).