Turquoise properties and meanings, the gemstone of july

The gemstone for the month of July is turquoise. What are the properties of turquoise and its meanings ? How to best use this stone ?

All about turquoise

Turquoise stands out for its shades varying from deep azure blue to intense green. It depends on the coloring elements it contains. Thus, the more copper there is, the bluer the turquoise ; chromium and vanadium provide a green undertone ; and iron gives a yellow note. Turquoise can tarnish or change color if it dries out (it contains about 18% water) or if it is exposed to high heat.

At OGGI, we often advise you to avoid any contact with both household and cosmetic products with our jewelry in order to maintain their shine and balance.

Turquoises often have dark veins which indicate the presence of other minerals installed in the cracks. It is these patterns that make turquoise a unique piece.

Turquoise properties and meanings

Several cultures have attributed curative virtues to turquoise like the Indians. It was also associated with the symbolism of spiritual wealth and good fortune among Tibetan Buddhists.

Today, in lithotherapy, we lend several benefits to this stone such as :

  • it protects against negative waves or harmful radiations like electromagnetic waves.
  • it is a source of balance and unification : harmony of mind and body, male and female energies.
  • it supports the finesse of intuition and empathy.
  • in meditation practice, it catalyzes the third eye chakra.
  • it lifts certain inhibitions.
  • it opens the door to positive energies.
  • it avoids psychological blockages.
  • it would facilitate communication and therefore interpersonal relationships.
  • it decreases the stress of speaking in public and facilitates speech.
  • in harmony with the heart chakra, turquoise brings calm and serenity, amplifying the capacities of love.

Astrological correspondences of turquoise

This stone is often associated with the astrological signs of Libra, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius, but above all, Scorpio. Indeed, Scorpio is known to be a sign with a very strong intensity that can sometimes backfire on itself. Turquoise can therefore help this sign to ease its blockages and bring calm, inner peace.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December children.

It corresponds to the 18th wedding anniversary.