Valentine’s day hearts

Valentine’s day hearts are an iconic model at OGGI. Throughout the year, we integrate this soft form into the heart of our collections, especially during the lovers’ party on February 14th.

On this occasion, we make you a selection of jewels for gift ideas or to dress your outfits during this evening where love reigns as a conductor.

Valentine’s day hearts

For Valentine’s Day, wearing a heart around the neck is a sign of luck. We offer a selection of two models of necklaces in the article of the day:

  • a heart necklace with a Celtic, Scottish inspiration that has a touch close to a creation of the armory. The chain of the necklace is made out of silver. The pendant itself combines several very attractive details : carved enamel designs and two pearl-shaped onyx captured by the material. This necklace is simply magnificent of its originality and this almost historical touch.
  • a rather short heart pendant necklace – which is worn not far from the heart. This heart is made of altuglas in a gradient of grey, pearl gray and white. This gradient effect gives it an almost pearly vibration – it captures light without compromise. The pendant is all the more highlighted with a grey agate that allows the junction between the heart and the necklace.

Do you wear hearts some days ? What does this form mean to you ? Tell us everything in comment !