valentine's necklace

Valentine’s Day necklace : love and luck energy

For this year 2019, the OGGI team wishes to highlight the Valentine’s Day necklace in the spotlight. Jewelry is an essential, a timeless part of the lovers’ party. We have a wide range of models that can inspire you for this occasion: necklaces or shorter necklaces, it is not the choice that eat in our shop.

Valentine’s necklace : our model

For this moment of the year, we chose a sumptuous red valentine necklace with four-leaf clovers. If you look closely, each leaves form a heart. The red hearts are made of blown glass paste. This red brings happiness and light to the jewel.

The structure of the Valentine’s Day necklace recalls a plastron/statement necklace that comes to dress the neckline of the woman who will wear it. This jewel is made of bronze dipped in gold. Clover outlines have a texture effect – like a rope wrapped around stones – as a ruban that would tie two hearts together.

The necklace has two rows of blown glass beads modeled shuttle and real freshwater pearls that bring brilliance to the room and especially a touch very precious jewelry.

At OGGI, we like to work in detail and push the aesthetic to its maximum, for this Valentine’s Day necklace, with a snap clasp surmounted by a half sphere of blown glass.

Valentine’s necklace : between love and luck

Valentine’s Day is a time when we wish to cherish happiness and luck to be two. With this Valentine’s  Day necklace, we combine both :

  • the symbolism of the four-leaf clover is luck,
  • the symbolism of the heart is happiness and love.

Each of our clovers are made up of four heart-shaped leaves. We are therefore in a double chance, a double happiness !

We wish you a beautiful lovers day, with your half, your family or your close friends !