what necklace for september

What necklace for september ?

What necklace for the september ? This is a question we asked ourselves at the atelier and we wanted to offer you a suggestion to start the new season !

What necklace for september ?

For early September, we wanted to offer a creation that is full of energy, reminds us a little the vacation and allows us to make the transition with the energy of the month of September.

The necklace we have selected is a multi-row necklace (five rows) of Sardinian coral. In interlacing, we have pretty turquoises and smoked quartz that bring radiance to the coral.

To create a beautiful volume, we combine two other necklaces in the same colors :

  • a necklace made of large coral beads and
  • a red glass paste necklace with turquoises and small golden shells and snails.

Which energies to favor in September ?

Being back to work can sometimes seems a bit “depressing” for some of us. We wanted to point out in this post that life is a cycle. Returning to work is inevitable. All the work is to find the positive in the recovery : to restart on a good basis, to plan a new and more adapted organization, to plan pleasures moments, etc.

Back to school/work can be a very pleasant time where the days are still long enough to enjoy the sun and terraces, for example.

We wish you a great start and we look forward to seeing you at the shop !