Women’s cross pendant : between gold & precious stones

At OGGI, we are known for working on the women’s cross pendant. We take pleasure in imagining these unique pieces with fine and/or precious materials and stones. Today we have combined a selection of our latest creations.

Women’s cross pendant : between gold and precious stones

In the current context, we all the more need for faith and hope. At OGGI, we like to inject positive and caring energy – which we also transmit in our creations.

All our crosses can be worn in two ways : as a pendant and as a brooch. With one piece, you can have two styles as two different jewelry.

Baroque cross

This baroque style pendant is a bronze cross dipped in a 5 micron gold bath. The cross is set with zirconiums of different sizes. We chose to hang from a gold-plated chain.

Amethyst Cross

This cross is unique with at its 4 points amethysts. The structure consists of small pearls and a central pearl. The cross is in gold-plated bronze.

Murano cross

This cross is quite exceptional with its almost lace work. It is adorned with rock crystal on the sides (crystal briolettes) as well as six mouth-blown champagne-colored glass pastes.

Silver Cross

For a different style, we offer a silver cross worked in filigree to give lightness. In the center, we have a moonstone and the green stone is an agate.

Zirconium cross

This cross is a gold plated bronze. We set our pendant with glass paste and zirconium oxides.

Mexican cross

This Mexican style cross is set with turquoises from Mexico, small pearls and glass paste.

Romantic Cross

Finally, we made this romantic style cross in gold-plated bronze with “flowers” – in perfect harmony with the arrival of spring. These “flowers” are created from zirconium oxides.